Ruth Strutt stars in Opera Australia's Ghost Sonata

John Longmuir as The Colonel, Ruth Strutt as The Cook, Shanul Sharma as The Student and Danita Weatherstone as The Young Girl.

Opera Australia's production of Reimann's Ghost Sonata will have you questioning, "what does it all mean?"

At the Ghost’s Supper, no one can conceal their ugliness. Inside or outside, it dwells in us all.

Come into the unsettling world of Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata, where nothing is as it seems. Bewitched by a woman’s beauty and drawn into a stranger’s sinister plans, a student enters a handsome house. In that wretched place, food is poison. The dead are alive. Paradise proves rotten inside.

Aribert Reimann’s 1984 opera is a haunting and evocative chamber work, exploring Strindberg’s moody text with complex rhythms and other-worldly tones.

Ruth Strutt stars alongside well-known leading singers Richard Anderson, Dominica Matthews, John Longmuir and Virgilio Marino in the Sydney and Melbourne seasons of this evocative piece.

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